Famille Lesné

21. marts


Famille nombreuse et joyeuse, cherche pour la rentrée 2019, une jeune fille au pair danoise pouvant s’occuper de trois garçons âgés de 8, 5 et 2 ans, épaulée par leur grand frère Douglas, lycéen, âgé de 15 ans.
Cette aide précieuse est destinée à soutenir le papa qui travaille dans le conseil et voyage régulièrement dans le monde entier et la maman, naturopathe, qui pratique en cabinet à mi-temps.

Emploi du temps proposé pendant la période scolaire (susceptible de changements, lorsque l’emploi du temps des enfants sera connu) :

Jours :

Horaires :

Nombre d’heures :

Mission :


14h30 -> 19h30


Garder Ariel, chercher les enfants à l’école, faire le bain et le diner


8h15 -> 13h15


Emmener les enfants à l’école, garder Ariel (2 ans) et le faire déjeuner 


9h15 -> 14h15


Emmener les enfants aux activités, en partenariat avec la maman et les faire déjeuner


8h15-> 13h15


Garder Ariel 2 ans, chercher les enfants à l’école, faire le bain et le diner


8h15-> 13h15


Garder Ariel 2 ans, chercher les enfants à l’école, faire le bain et le diner


A confirmer

5 heures
le week-end

A confirmer


A confirmer

Repos un dimanche/mois

A confirmer


Lieu de vie :
Nous venons d’emménager dans une grande maison avec jardin, en banlieue ouest de Paris à seulement quatre minutes à pied de la gare SNCF de Sèvres-Ville d’Avray, reliant les gares de Paris Saint Lazare ou Versailles en respectivement 20 ou 10 minutes.
Le centre-ville est à 5 minutes à pied, où trouver toutes les commodités : supermarché, marché, bibliothèque et centre culturel.
Un grand parc (Parc de Saint-Cloud) se trouve également à 5 minutes à pied de la maison et un portillon au fond du jardin donne accès directement à un square avec pelouse et jeux pour enfants.
Calme, verdure et qualité de vie pour cet emplacement à seulement 20 minutes de Paris !

Chambre :
La JF au pair disposera d’une chambre en rez de jardin où se situent les chambres des enfants, de 10,30 mètres carrés, meublée avec lit simple, bureau et rangements. Grande fenêtre.
Une salle de bain attenante avec baignoire sera partagée avec Ariel, âgé de 2 ans.

Vacances :
La jeune fille sera informée des dates de vacances et de l’emploi du temps hors vacances scolaires en temps voulu.
Possibilité de commencer dès le 1erjuillet 2019, pour les vacances scolaires d’été (emploi du temps à définir).
Merci  et à bientôt !

•Famille Lesné
56 avenue de Balzac
92410 Ville d’Avray
•06 20 74 45 06

Famille Fleury

15. marts


We are looking for an au pair from the end of August to stay with our family for the school year. In the past, we already had Au Pairs and we feel it is a great way to take care of our kids and learning about a person and her culture. We have two kids, Eléonore who is 11 years old and Adrien who is 7.

A typical week would be as follows :

From Monday to Friday except Wednesday: you would have to pick up the kids at school (10mn walk from us) at 4:30 pm, supervise homework and bath and cook dinner until we arrive between  7:30-8:00 pm.

Tuesday: after school, Eleonore goes to a dancing class, so you would have to bring her to the class at 05:00pm and then pick up at 06:00pm (10mn walk from our home). 

Wednesday: you would have to pick up the kids at school at 12:00, cook lunch, bring Eleonore to her drawing activity, play with Adrien in the afternoon, supervise homework and bath and cook dinner until we arrive between 7:30-8:00 pm.

The kids also sometime have a birthday party where you will have to walk them.

If Eleonore and/or Adrien are sick and cannot go to school we would expect you to be flexible and spend time at home with them so that we can go to work.

Homework and after school activities

As mentioned above, Eleonore takes dancing classes on Tuesday evening and has an extra drawing activity on Wednesday. 

Eleonore does her French homework alone but she needs help. You will be in charge of checking with her that she has done everything and she has not forgotten a book or note book.

We will also ask you to practice English with her since she is starting to learn English now. However, both kids speak mainly French so that is the reason why we need someone who speaks a little in French to interact with them.

Week ends – baby sittings

Saturday and Sunday will be off.   However, we would like you to baby sit 1 or 2 nights per week until usually midnight. Baby sit could also be during the week ends (Sat. or Sun.).

School Holidays

There are quite a lot of school holidays in France (2 weeks at the end of October, 2 weeks for Christmas, 2 weeks in February and 2 weeks in Easter). We both work but we try to take one week of holidays every school holidays, so we need your help during these time periods. We would like you to spend with the kids the school holidays we cannot take. It means that you would be full time with them around one week each holidays, but this will be compensated the following week that will be off.

Housekeeping tasks

You will not have to take care of cleaning or ironing clothes. We will just ask you to keep the kids rooms as tidy as possible and to participate to the daily home tasks such as cleaning the kitchen after cooking, loading/unloading the dishwasher, put away the shopping deliveries, shop for missing food. We are in charge of the main shopping and we have a cleaning lady. We are quite sensitive on the tidying of our house and it is important for us that you make sure that the house is tidy when we come back from work.

Pocket Money

We would offer to pay you 350 euros per month plus a Navigo pass.  


We live rue du Val de Grace, Paris 75005.  We have a studio for our Au pair located rue Daguerre, Paris 75014 (10 mn walking from us). The studio is on the 3rd floor (no lift) and has its own bathroom and toilets, kitchen, TV, internet and a double bed. We will pay for the rent, electricity and internet. It is a 15 square meter studio so it is quite small but it is well equipped.

Medical Coverage

You would be covered by social security in France.


You are welcome to share lunch and dinner with the kids at our home when meals coincide with working hours. We will just ask you to eat the same as the kids in order to simplify the shopping for us. We would expect you to cook simple and healthy food for the kids. We try to eat organic as much as possible and we are eating a lot of veggies. If you would like to have dinner with us the other days, you will always be welcome.

French school

We will pay the subscription fees for French lessons at France Langues which is a school offering au pair programmes with hours matching children's schedule. Here is link to the school. http://www.france-langue.fr/en/.

We will ask you to pay for the classes that you wish to follow.

If you are interested, please contact: Nataline.Fleury@Ashurst.com

Famille de La Ville-Baugé

5. februar 2019

We are a French family looking for an English speaking live-in aupair for 12 months. We live in a very nice city, Neuilly-sur-Seine, adjacent to Paris, 10 min by tube from the city centre of Paris (line 1).
We have two boys, 11 and 7 years old. Our boys speak French (native) and English and both are at school.
We will need your help approx. 30 hours per week (after school 16.30 / 19.30 + Wednesday afternoon and a few baby sittings). Our previous Aupair studied French during their spare time - we have all necessary contacts with schools if necessary.
We are a positive, friendly, active and welcoming family and both parents work full-time. We are looking for a pro-active, flexible and reliable live-in aupair.

We are looking for an aupair who is :
- happy to speak English only with the children and french or English with us.
- a non-smoker      
- trustworthy, reliable, active and pro-active
- tidy and organised
- creative and happy to stimulate children
- happy to go outside and play
- experienced with children (including cooking simple meals for kids)
- has checkable references,
- happy to live near Paris

You will have:
- a separate room with a fridge, shower and toilets in a separate building from us (500m from our flat)
- full access to our flat
- good access to public transport
- wireless broadband internet access (you would need to bring a laptop)
- food, lodging and a monthly salary of 330 euros + navigo + phone
- one and half day off (during the week end)
- regular holidays (during our child's holidays with us / with his grand-parents)

Duties include:
- after school, pick up the younger boy, prepare and give him snack, organise activities, arranging activities with friends, go outside and play, check homeworks and bath
- prepare and give diner to the 2 boys
- take care of them until parents come back around 7.30/8pm
- no housework (we have a cleaner).

If this sounds good to you we would love to hear from you!

Our former aupairs are happy to also talk to you to give you an impression.

Pierre de La Ville-Baugé
+336 81 18 09 99