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Bliv au pair

A U   P A I R :

Chère famille

Je m’appelle Rebekka et j’ai 19 ans. J’habite à Copenhague avec ma famille. 

I graduated high school this summer and I’m currently working in a kindergarten/nursery(0-6 years old kids) in my gap year. 

For many years I’ve been dreaming of living in Paris, working as an au pair. 

I want to learn more about the French/Parisian culture and language as well as becoming more independent.

I’m a family person - good with children and love to cook.

I’m fluent in English, and I also speak un peu français, which I would like to improve!

I will be able to start as soon as possible. 

If you would like to have me as an au pair in your family, please contact me - I would love to hear from you!


Rebekka Maria Holsting

Téléphone: +45 31663710


Facebook: Rebekka Maria Holsting

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I want to be an au pair in Paris

Dear family. My name is Alma, and I am 18 years old. I live in Copenhagen in Denmark, in a house with my mom. I go to high school, and I’m graduating this summer. I would like to be an Aupair in my gap year, which starts in September 2022. I would love to live with a family with kids, and maybe a dog. And if it’s possible it would be lovely to live in the centrum of Paris. In my gap year, I want to become more independent, learn a new culture, learn fluent french and have a good time meeting new people. I can already speak a little french, which means it will be easy for me to learn it fluently. I love new experiences, and I love to travel. I am a family person, and I am good with children and cooking. Hope to hear from you soon!

If you would like to have me as an Aupair in your family, please contact me!


Phone: +45 52771707

Facebook: Alma Bazaou-Jessen

Alma Bazaou-Jessen